In 2019, the client gave us a brief to “Rethink” and “Repurpose” our award winning project “Ambience Studio”.

He envisioned District 19 as a creative hub for artists, designers and the performing arts. A multi-functional urban space bringing together enthusiastic, young, forward thinking, driven creatives, artists and dreamers ready to stretch their minds to new heights with exhilarating experiences. A space for rebellious minds to create and share.

The architects design strategy was to dismantle walls within the shell to create a flexible auditorium space for hosting indoor events. The lofty ambience of the space is amplified by maximizing daylight within the space through the use of generous glass walls on the façade that bring in natural light throughout the day promoting an ideal learning environment for the public. A metal roof structure

District 19 is a popular hotspot, that brings together an urban style cafe, artist studios, pop up shops, educational, mentor-driven diploma hailing creative workshops, co-working space, a co-lab kitchen and a mind blowing open space courtyard, with its ever changing one-off events and weekend markets. With it’s striking “everything is recyclable” attitude, District19 will soon become the place to be in Karachi for like-minded individuals, students and professionals alike, to play, learn, reinvent and rise.

The Grind café emerged out of old garage spaces next to the auditorium building. The elements of the garage such as front shutters were repurposed for the design of interior installations. The interior walls are kept bare exposing the evolved texture of the concrete blocks juxtaposing with the contemporary layers of electrical metalwork and lighting fixtures