The Haque academy campus at DHA phase VIII caters to students from kindergarten to O-levels. The school required design services for the kindergarten classrooms, which would be more appropriate and appealing to the respective age group. The brief emphasized on diversity and required each class to tell a story of its own and therefore giving each a unique   identity. The classrooms were required to have spaces for study area, library corner, pretend play and lots of storage space for teaching materials.

Collaboration between architects, educators and the public (parents) during the design process resulted in realization of the chaos in the young fertile minds that are either hooked to devices such as media/ games/ entertainment or are more exposed to western culture. Hailing from upper to middle class families, these prolific minds were totally disconnected with the rich history of art and culture in our society. The design engaged local elements in the design process so that the children could identify, interact and learn from a young age to raise culturally rooted adults.

The kindergarten space depicts Karachi’s culture through the use of murals and built forms easily identifiable in our surroundings. The loft, also a part of the mural, allows children to imagine different play pretend options. A raised platform one side allows for a quieter niche for a reading corner. The concept interplays with proportions and heights that create intimate child friendly spaces with colors inspired from the surroundings. The material board used comprises of locally available materials and textures for students to engage and learn from. Materials used include: jute, wood, bamboo, cane and fabric textures. Storage units float along the walls in a rhythm with jute soft boards.

The ensuing design provides a stimulating, flexible and questing   approach towards education; by engaging the senses and creating a playful childlike domain that the children not only enjoy but it fosters their education as well.

(as published in Interior Design of Pakistan)