Minutes of the First Meeting:

Meeting with Nimr and Hiba –Islamabad

Nimr wants his house to be THE house in Bani Gala. Notes from Site visit

  1. Sloping site at a dead end
  2. Excellent views from front of plot
  3. Local stone and stone masonry
  4. Neighbours on both sides built
  5. Boulders embedded
  6. Focal corner rockery – ideal for water feature
  7. Develop the dead end as landscape feature


  1. A modern house, family of four – Nimr,Hiba, Shehrbanu -11 and Murtaza – 8
  2. Comfortable and spacious living space with a separate formal area and dining space for entertaining
  3. Nimrs study to accommodate his business guests, workstation and library of samples
  4. all bedrooms to have nice views and if possible, balcomies
  5. kids’ rooms to be age effective, sheherbanu needs a suite style room with space to read, and murtaza wants a bunk bed.
  6. Services: Car porch for 2 cars, separate staff and family cooking areas

*Clients’ names have been changed to protect identity