Khadija-tul- Kubra

Principal Architect/Partner

Khadija’s work spans over 25 years and is enriched by diverse experiences and explorations.

She has a diverse portfolio at Design Options. Before co-founding design options with Moyena Ahmed Niazi, she worked for several years at ASA where she contributed extensively to their residence’s division.

Her portfolio articulates a keen eye for detail and engaging spatial experiences. Nature takes an unrivalled role in her projects creating undistinguishable boundaries between indoors and outdoors spaces.

She weaves a story where modern meets vernacular collaborating with craftsmen and using local materials. Throughout the design process Khadija works closely with the clients and takes careful consideration of site and climate. Each project therefore becomes unique to client and context.

She has participated in several art and architecture exhibitions, where her design practice extends across product and installation design.

Her work is widely recognized and published locally and internationally. She is the recipient of the prestigious Institute of Architects Pakistan Excellence Award 2017.

Through her years of practice, she has been involved in various projects of social responsibility. Similarly, she has voluntarily worked for Institute of Architects Pakistan on Various occasions. She created transient spaces for IAP using recyclable materials, such as metal scaffolding, bamboo blinds and charpoys. Subsequently steel scaffolding became a new vocabulary for public events in Karachi.