“The sea once it casts its, spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

  • Jacques Yves Cousteu.

Located on the serene stretch of Turtle Beach near Karachi, the Beach House is designed to fit snugly into the locale and maximize the opportunities offered by its surroundings.

Taking its cues from the indigenous architecture of the surrounding settlements, the house is built out of yellow stone which survives well in the salty sea air. This choice of stone stemming from the response to the atmosphere lends a striking aesthetic character to the house.

The orientation and openings are designed to frame beautiful views of the ocean while the house opens up towards it.

The clients required a segregated area for men and women, which was addressed by vertically separating the two zones in order to offer a similar connection to the ocean to both sections. The internal spaces are simple, fluid and flexible with the clever use of in built furniture to define and maximize the space. The details are an integral part of the concept, where the window benches form interesting nooks and the shutters are designed to open and form benches, decks and pivot into wooden awnings.

The beach house is beautiful space. It creates connections and memories, stories with stone, wood, sun sand and water… and the details enhance these experiences and make their own space in the marvelous setting.